"Space is the breath of art."

       - Frank Lloyd Wright







The ability to tell a story, to captivate an audience, to present truth and emotions without the use of words – that’s what appeals to me most about the art of photography and design. My name is Haley and I am a professional photographer and designer living in Chicago, IL

Haley always had a love for Architecture and is fascinated by the designs.  Being an observer, Haley would sit and study buildings while trying to understand the patterns and lines of each building. It wasn't until a friend of hers showed her how she could capture those creative designs through a camera that she felt she had found her true calling. Working her way through Architectural Design, she also discovered a great love for Interior Design Photography. To Haley, Interior Design isn't just something that is pretty to look at, rather it's a way of being centered in yours or someone's home. She believes that the best Interior Designers tell a story of who the people that are living there, are and they do it with elegance, flare, and finesse. When Haley starts photographing rooms, she always strives to create a intimate, stylish, and inspired feelings in her images.

Haley uses natural light to artistically capture indoor and outdoor spaces.  Images are precisely crafted with expert attention to detail. Haley loves to create a fun, laid-back environments when shooting, whether photographing a small home or a high rise corporate offices over looking the city.

When Haley isn’t photographing architecture and interiors, she is always working on exciting new projects — Such as her city collection images and other creative photography projects. 








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